The incredible thing about MAJARA is that they manage to blend the tropical feel of Latin music with the raw intensity of punk and elegantly land on their feet.

Originally known as Chico Majara, the band’s first incarnation was as a salsa and cumbia outfit that played extensively in their native Italy.

With its founder and frontman Enrico moving to London the band incorporated the edge and confrontational spirit of punk into its sound. An exploration of an unbeaten path into a new wild territory of tropical music.


The result sounds as if a Latin band was joined on stage by Iggy Pop and the Stooges. Caribbean atmosphere mixed with an exhilarating sense of danger.

Two percussionists beat out irresistible and danceable rhythms that will make your feet move instantly. Deep, booty-shaking basslines lay the foundations for catchy off-the-wall tropical melodies played on guitar. The vocals can switch from intimate and haunting to joyfully distorted. The lyrics are in Spanglish a language that never fails to make itself understood by non-speakers. All this keeps your body moving and your ears hooked wondering what will happen next.


Having played in this new form in the likes of London’s Toulouse Lautrec Jazz Club, MAJARA are working on their new concept EP soon to be released. This band is ready to take the UK by storm with their wild and elegant sound.